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Hello! I'm Joseph Nied, a sound designer for games and film from Dallas, Texas.

I enjoy telling stories through expressive and creative sound design as well as discovering innovative ways to implement dynamic audio.

In addition to designing sound, I have also worked as a post-production audio sweetener and mixer, as a musician, and as a teacher. I'm always excited to take on new challenges and tell new stories! In my free time, I enjoy programming, reading science-fiction, and buying games I don't have time to play.

Technical Game Audio

Andalus VR - Wwise and Unreal

Andalus VR is a Virtual Reality experience in which the player plays an instrument called the oud within a fantasy recreation of a Morrocan villa.

For this project made in Unreal Engine, I was responsible for many things, but primarily I implemented the game's audio using Wwise. In this video, I talk about ambisonic audio for VR, how I used blueprints and RTPCs to change the ambience, and breifly touch on the interactable music.

Unity Package for Sound Implementation

I explain how to download, integrate, and begin using the script I've written to solve lots of different audio implementation problems in Unity. I've used this tool to create lively ambiences in games, fade music and other sounds in and out, create varied sequences for footsteps, and more. It can also be used to layer sounds, play or randomize sounds as a playlist, add pitch and volume variations to sounds, and so on.

Here's the link to the project on my GitHub: Unity Package


Andalus VR - Sound Design, Audio Implementation, and More

Andalus VR is a Virtual Reality experience in which the player plays an instrument called the oud to interact with the enviroment around them. In this project, I was responsible for implementing the game's audio using Wwise with Unreal Engine, setting up and managing the Perforce server, teaching the team how to use Perforce within Unreal, packaging the final product, and communicating the style, tone, and interactivity of the music with the musician as well as set schedules. I'll provide a link to the project's website with a download link as soon as it is available once we've finished polishing for contests.

Andalus VR was awarded Best Capstone during UTD's Fall 2019 semester's Capstone Celebration.

The Butcher - Foley, Mix, and Music

The Butcher is an animated short directed by Nickelodeon animator Jared Lascurain about a butcher making a meal for his daughter.

I recorded and layered the sounds throughout the scene, as well as recorded the music and mixed the final audio.

Overwatch Trailer Sound Re-Design

In re-designing the audio of this Blizzard character's origin trailer, I demonstrate the power sound has in story telling by choosing a scene that relies heavily on its sound to capture the imagination of the viewer.

While much of the audio was recorded (including my own voice!) or editted from libraries, much of it was also synthesized using plugins such as Serum. The audio was mixed and arranged in Reaper.

Soul Horizons - Sound Design, Music

Soul Horizons is a rogue-like PC game that allows the player to assemble spells and fight monsters through grid-based combat.

I designed the music to stay true to the game's Asian Influence by using traditional Chinese instruments such as the Ban Di, the Guzheng, and the Pipa.

Wired Differently - Sound Design, Mix, and Music

Wired Differently is an animated short directed by Id animator Jordan Turner.

Most sounds were taken from libraries in creative ways while other sounds were synthesized.

Game Jams and Fun Projects

Integrating My Music into a GameBoy Advance

In this video, I demonstrate how I managed to get my GameBoy Advance to play my own original music. This was done by composing the MIDI, converting the MIDI data to hex code, placing this hex code into the free space memory of a rom of a Gameboy game, and then using the tool "Sappy" to identify the rom's instrument libraries and reroute one of the in-game tracks to point to my music instead (as well as give each MIDI track an instrument).

The non-GameBoy version of my music featured in the video can be listened to below:

ABSTRACT: Gameplay Demonstration

ABSTRACT is a mobile game I developed entirely on my own in Unity. The goal of ABSTRACT was to create an rpg that represents the player, enemies, and other characters purely as numbers. You fight your enemies in real time, using "shield," "weapons," and more all represented by numbers. This video is actually outdated, though you can get the most recent update of the game here: page

Chillenium 2019 Game Jam

This is a game I created with a team of four people at the A&M Chillenium game jam. I was responsible for the sound design, music, and audio implementation. It won third place in the competition, out of over one hundred teams. page

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